Peace Be Still Mural

Peace, be StillReprinted for February, 2015 Newsletter. 
Written by Marty Thurman, Sacred Service Director

When you are in our sanctuary, how many times do you look at the “Peace be Still” Mural?  When I first came to visit our church, it was the one thing that really stood out to me.  I never asked about it, but when Jeanne Parker and I were preparing for our 60th Anniversary celebration, we learned more about it.  We learned that the mural was painted by Lowell H. Turner and was completed in December 1969.  Turner had served as a guest minister at our church a number of times, and the church gave Turner a love offering of $300 when he presented the painting to the Church.  Here are some things you might like to know about the artist:
Lowell (The Reverend Lowell H. Turner, Unity Minister) was the personal assistant to Rickert Fillmore in the 1960’s, when Lowell and his wife were studying for the ministry at Unity Village.  Rickert is the middle son of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, the Cofounders of Unity.  Lowell designed many pamphlet covers for Unity back in those days and also designed a number of signs on the property at Unity Village. 
Lowell was commissioned by Rickert Fillmore to oversee the decor of the then newly-dubbed "Peace Chapel," adjacent to the Visitors' (Fillmore) Chapel at the Village, near the Tower.
Lowell designed and personally created the Peace Mural there.  If you happen to be in Unity Village, and stand very close to the lower right hand corner of the Peace Mural, you can just make out Lowell's signature there.  It is the only piece of art known to have been directly commissioned by a member of the Fillmore family. 
While doing the research for this article, I learned that Lowell has a daughter (The Reverend Dr. Leddy Hammock) who is the Unity minister in Clearwater, Florida!  I contacted her and learned that Lowell lives in our area and continues to create wonderful artwork.  Reverend Hammock reported that they have a photo copy of the original, approximately the actual size, in their own Peace Chapel.  She advised that her father also created a slightly modified version, for Unity of Brooksville, Florida.  His daughter described him as a “wonderful spiritual teacher and an absolutely amazing, wise soul.” 
We are very fortunate to have this mural by Lowell H. Turner who has such a meaningful, long, and wonderful history with Unity.  I hope that you will view it with new eyes the next time you view it.    
(P.S. When having the roof replaced and the carpet installed, Mike Merlotti took special care in making sure that our Peace be Still painting would not be damaged.  Thanks Mike!)