H. Emily Cady in Lessons in Truth, says, "To affirm anything is to assert positively that it is so, even in the face of all contrary evidence.”

Affirmations are more than “positive thinking” and more than “possibility thinking.” According to Paul Hasselbeck, they are “realization thinking” and realization is when we know something is true regardless of outer appearances or circumstances. You may have an affirmation that you like or you may use one below.

DAILY AFFIRMATION – I am in the flow of life and I move easily with the flow. I am radiantly and enthusiastically alive. I am free from tension, stress and strain and I go forward in the flow of life – unhurried and unworried.

HEALING AFFIRMATION – I am a child of the universe, established eternally in the healing stream. I am strengthened, renewed, restored and made whole in every way.

HEALING AFFIRMATION – I am a child of God and therefore I do not inherit illness. (Myrtle Fillmore)

PROSPERITY AFFIRMATION – I establish myself in the limitless substance of God and I have abundance.

PROSPERITY AFFIRMATION – Spirit, I thank Thee for unlimited increase in mind, money and all affairs.

The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want. Ps 23.1