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Feed My People

Feed My People's mission is to show God's love and compassion to all His people, but particularly to His people in need. They are a Christian Food Pantry and Thrift Store located in both South County, St. Louis and High Ridge Missouri.

Feed My People can be counted on to help in many situations:  

The single parents trying to afford food with expensive daycare.
The recent or long-term unemployed trying to keep their homes and car payments made, while still needing food.
Those who live on a fixed-income forced to choose between medicine and food.
The homeless who need food to carry with them.
People in crisis who need help.

Feed My People can help. They know the challenges of juggling expenses when you face hardships. Let Feed My People help you feed yourself and your loved ones, when times are rough.  Serving the community since 1982.

The 3rd Sunday of each month, the Unity of St Louis South congregants place a small, blue paper bag in the offering.  The bag is labeled “I am grateful for a full and prosperous life.”  Throughout the month, we place our change in the bag and it is donated to Feed The People. They are also in need of personal products.  

Feed My People