“Through the practice of meditation, we can establish a center of peace and quietness within.  We can turn to this center and gain great strength to help us meet all of life’s experiences.” May Rowland, The Magic of the Word, Unity Books, Unity Village, p149.

While the practice of meditation can alleviate disturbing thoughts and behavior, it is also the opportunity to gain awareness of God. While there are many ways to meditate, the traditional meditation technique is called centering prayer.  


Basic How-To Steps

Remember that mediation is an experience.  The more you practice, you may notice if love, peace and kindness become more evident in your experience.

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Benefits of Meditation

One of the most important health benefits of mediation is how it releases stress from our bodies.  Practiced regularly it will lead you to a deeper level of relaxation and contemplation.  

This offers you multiple health benefits as well as psychological benefits.

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H. Emily Cady, in Lessons in Truth, says, "To affirm anything is to assert positively that it is so, even in the face of all contrary evidence.” Affirmations are more than “positive thinking” and more than “possibility thinking.” According to Paul Hasselbeck, they are “realization thinking” and realization is when we know that we know something is true ...

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Guided Meditation

There are different types of mediation.  Guided meditation is led by a teacher, coach or guide and this can be in-person or using by audio or video.  Guided meditations vary in length.  Choose a length of time that is comfortable for you.  By searching Guided Meditations on the internet you will find numerous choices that can be downloaded at no charge.

YouTube has a wide choice of Guided Meditations.

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