Basic How-To Steps

Remember that meditation is an experience.  The more you practice, you may notice if love, peace and kindness become more evident in your experience.

Relax – Find a quiet place and sit comfortably.

Turn your awareness to within – Turn your attention from the sounds and senses of the outer world.  Take several deep breaths and close your eyes.  Turn your mind over to the Christ within you.
Concentrate – To help you concentrate, select a word (Father, Spirit, love, peace) or a short phrase or affirmation (I am love, I am strong and healthy, etc.).  A word or phrase that expresses your heart’s desire.  When you become aware of other thoughts gently return to your word or phrase.  This process will help you slip into the Silence.  It is almost as if one slips into the gap between words and thoughts.

Pray – If you are using meditation to prepare for prayer, this is where you begin to pray.

Give Thanks – At the end of your Silence, simply feel grateful.  Whatever we praise and are grateful for increases.  

Gently Conclude – End your meditation time gently. Open your eyes slowly and allow your thoughts to slowly come to your mind.  Maybe think about the meditative experience or a favorite affirmation or Bible verse to help you with the process.