More Resources

Book Nook

Our Book Nook is located downstairs in the front corner of the Fellowship Hall.  It has a nice selection of New and Gently Used Books.  We also offer a variety of Unity Pamphlets (no charge) and greeting cards.  There are inspirational CDs as well as CDs available from our outstanding musicians.  We hope that you will take a few moments to browse our books when you visit us.

Lending Library

Our Lending Library is based on the honor system.  It is cataloged alphabetically by author.  This is an excellent opportunity to read some of the popular Unity writers and teachers.  We ask that when you borrow a book that it be returned in a timely manner as a courtesy to others.

Order CDs

We are blessed with wonderful speakers with uplifting, enlightening messages, and professional, talented musicians.  We offer CDs of our Sunday Sacred Service for you to enjoy again and again, or you may know someone who would benefit from the message and the music.   You may see in the E-News Blast a speaker or musician you love to hear but you cannot attend church that particular day. This would be an ideal time to request a CD so you can experience our Sunday Sacred Service.  

Note:  On January 23, 2022, Rev. James Stacey presented an outstanding message on the History of Unity.  It has been a popular CD and we suggest that his message may be an excellent opportunity to hear an overview of the history of Unity and a sample of our Sunday service.

CDs are $3.00 plus shipping & handling or you may pick it up at the church.

Tree of Life

The “tree of life” (Gen 2:9) represents the eternal, omnipresent life of God that is within us. The tree of life “in the midst of the garden [of Eden]” is the innate, indwelling idea of immortal life, and the fruit of that tree is the consciousness of eternal life in the body…”  From the center of our being there spreads into every department of mind and body, the life-giving, ever-bearing tree of the Spirit of God. Its fruits are intelligence to the mind, substance to the body, and life to the entire being. The Revealing Word, p. 198

The Tree of Life that hangs on the wall of our sanctuary represents the many generous gifts given to honor or memorialize significant individuals.  The funds raised through this project help maintain our facilities in order to better serve our community.

We invite you to consider this naming project as a way to honor or remember someone special. We are grateful for all donations, which bless our spiritual community.  We affirm these donations support each of us as we shine a beacon of light in our hearts that extends to all.

$150 - Copper Leaves – bottom tier
$300 - Silver Leaves – middle tier
$500 - Gold Leaves – top tier
$1,000 - Small Bronze Stones
$2,000 - Large Bronze Stones
$5,000 - Bronze Tree Trunk Stone


In Greek mythology the labyrinth was built by Daedalus for King Minos of Crete. It was designed to house the Minotaur, a mythological creature described as having the head and tail of a bull and body of a man.  Usually it is a structure of winding passages bordered by walls or hedges. However, for our purposes, a labyrinth is a structure designed for prayer and meditation.  It contains no dead ends and consists of a single path leading to the center.  We are guided through the labyrinth by a Prayer Chaplain.
Follow our E-News Blast (newsletter) or calendar for the next scheduled Labyrinth evening. It is a brief, peaceful, heartwarming evening.

Fellowship Hall

After Sunday’s Sacred Service, we invite all to join us for Fellowship.  It may be coffee or tea and cookies or it may be a huge spread of amazing home-made dishes.  We eat, laugh and enjoy the camaraderie of spiritual-minded people.
The Fellowship Hall is a nice space with a well-equipped kitchen.

Youth Education

We have three experienced volunteers managing this program.  Currently it is a small program and we are looking to expand.  You may contact the church office for more information.