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Benefits of Membership

Welcome to the Unity of St. Louis-South community!

Many people feel the need to belong.  Committing to being a member brings a sense of belonging, friendship and family.  We would love for you to join us as a member and take part in all that Unity St. Louis-South has to offer.

In Unity, membership is unique.  The only requirement is a desire to know God and to understand, love and obey God’s laws of being.  Unity members are wholly free to live life according to the inspiration and guidance of the Spirit of Truth within them.  There are no rules and no financial requirements imposed on members.  There are no dues.  Unity is supported by your freewill love offerings.

Unity people minister to one another and to others; they join their prayers, their thoughts and their spiritual strength together to enrich their own lives and to be a blessing to all mankind, thus becoming a force for good, a benevolent force for God.

Becoming a member offers you the opportunity to grow in Spirit.  You join a group of people who are on the journey of raising consciousness individually and together.  Working together and praying together opens the spiritual doors to greater fulfillment, a deeper ownership of your beliefs and a deeper commitment to your own personal spiritual growth.  Offering your talents and gifts to the church helps both the church and you.  There are many opportunities to share the message of love and hope with others by volunteering your talents.

Becoming a member allows you to participate in the leadership of the church, such as being a platform assistant, being the Silent Unity prayer service leader, becoming a prayer chaplain, and participating on committees for the maintenance, upholding and growth of the church.  

After being a member for one year, you are eligible to serve on the Board of Trustees.  There you would be helping make business decisions that would shape the church, its activities and enhance its effectiveness as an uplifting vibration in the community and the world.
Membership is not a requirement to attend any of the workshops, classes or activities that go on at Unity of St. Louis—South.  


Steps to Membership

To join our church community,  we request that you complete a New Membership Class.  The class covers the question "What is Unity?" and outlines Unity’s Principles and basic teachings.  

The class is scheduled periodically and is facilitated by a Licensed Unity Teacher.