To discover more about Unity you might consider any of the following books.  And feel free to shop for more books and information from the Unity Book Store at   Another option is to check with Unity of St Louis-South’s Lending Library to see if there are any copies available.

The Unity Movement: It’s Evolution and Spiritual Teachings by Neal Vahle, Templeton Foundation Press, 2002.  “...a fascinating account of the Unity Movement, documenting the lives of the spiritual visionaries who led its development.”

The Principles of New Thought: Tracing Spiritual Truth from the Source to the Soul by April Moncrieff, DeVorss & Co Publisher, 2013  “What are these basic principles and why do they provide a long-lasting spiritual foundation?”

Background of New Thought by Mark Hicks, source 2013   The author defines New Thought and introduces the reader to the history of the movement dating back to Plato.  He describes the pioneers, their contributions and the branches developed from their teachings.  

Friends in High Places: Tracing the Family Tree of New Thought Christianity by Thomas Shepherd, iUniverse Press, 2004,2006 Unity Books 1985  Originally published as a 12-part Unity Magazine series.

Heart-Centered Metaphysics: A Deeper Look at Unity Teachings by Paul Hasselbeck, Unity School of Christianity, 2010.  “Anyone who is curious about the nonphysical, intangible aspects of life is, on some level, a student of metaphysics."