Prayer Chaplains

There are as many philosophies on prayer as there are people in the world. Each faith has their own approach. In Unity we say, “there are many paths to God…and it is our goal to respect those many paths."

When most people think of prayer, they think of asking for something. Not so in Unity. Unity uses “affirmative prayer.” Affirmative prayer reflects the certainty that we are each being led to our highest good, despite any temporary appearance.

The Prayer Chaplain Ministry serves the prayer needs of our spiritual community by holding a sacred spiritual space, lovingly listening, praying from the heart and holding in confidence what is shared.

The Prayer Chaplains at Unity St. Louis-South are available to pray with you at our weekly Sunday services and through wellness calling, when desired.

You may also request to have one of our Prayer Chaplains pray with you by calling and leaving a message at 314-631-2466, Ext. 3, and a Prayer Chaplain will return your call as soon as possible – generally within 48 hours.

Do you have an immediate prayer request?

Call: 1-800-NOW-PRAY (1-800-669-7729)
“Silent Unity. How may we pray with you?”

A Prayer Chaplain completes 50 hours of annual training and makes the commitment to serve her or his spiritual community for one year. Being a Prayer Chaplain is transformative soul work as it deepens one's spiritual path through prayer and service. No prior experience in prayer or praying with others is required to train as a Prayer Chaplain.

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